Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Zesty Baked Tilapia

Zesty Baked Tilapia
by Cooksterz

I rarely write out my recipes, because i do not measure. This was an impromptu, "whats in the fridge" recipe and the combination was too good not to share! Using a medium spice kick here.

5- 6 Tilapia Filets - or alternate white fish
Carrots, Celery ( can use zucchini or broccoli as well!)
1/2 Onion
2 cloves Garlic
Lime Basil ( fresh - can use dry or substitute, but my fresh lime basil is great with this Fish)
Lemon Pepper
Thai Rooster Chili Sauce - or Chili Oil (alternative: jalapeno or serrano)
Tartar Sauce ( this is not for garnish, its for tang in the sauce)
1/4 cup Half and Half ( or milk alternative)
1/2 cup Water
Butter - Olive Oil
(Tomatoes optional for sauce)
Lemons (orange or lime will do too)

Clean prepare Fish, Slice Carrots, lengthwise in quarters. Dice onion, garlic , celery and fresh basil. Slices of half a lemon.

Place Fish in Bowl, season with peppers, salt, basil, 2 tsp olive oil, rooster chili sauce, or hot thai chili oil to taste, and squeeze remaining half of lemon. Place fish filets in a baking dish, lined with foil. Let sit 10 min while you saute veggies.

In a saucepan, heat 2 tablespoons butter. Add Onions, Garlic, Basil and carrots. Season if desire, and saute for 10 min or so. Till carrots become only a bit soft. Place saute mix on top of fish filets in baking dish.
In the same saute pan, reserve a few onion , garlic, add tbsp butter, 1/4 cup tartar sauce, lemon, pepper and about 1/4 cup half and half and water. If you like spicy you can add more chili sauce here, or add fresh jalapenos or serranos. I also like to add a bit of sea salt or tomatoes to the final sauce, for color. Heat on med high, stirring constantly, till sauce thickens briefly. Pour sauce on top of fish and vegetables. Topped with Slice Lemons or Oranges. Bake Covered at 375-400 for 20 min. Remove foil cover, bake for 5 min longer for a golden brown color. Garnish with more basil if desired.
Serve with Baked Potatoes, Rice or a Salad, for a Tasty, Spicy Tender, delicious Fish!