Tuesday, June 16, 2009

9-12 Items

The Moss Rose Plate

Bavaria, Germany Johann Haviland 6". In the past, I started to collect that pattern, sparingly, because it reminded me of my grandmother's cozy home and buffet cupboard. I bought a set of 3, teacups with saucers on Ebay. They were almost a perfect match to the only Original "cup and saucer". One Christmas. I packaged the 3 others with tea, and a little poem about 'Grandmas Teacup' and gave each to my sister, my aunt and my mother. They shared a little of the memory of the Love she showed us all.
This small plate, the Moss Rose Plate, matching the cup and saucer pattern,is in my desk drawer. It should be cleaned, shined and placed inside and non existent china cabinet, to keep it in great shape and without chips. It is just a plate. Right now it is serving a purpose, instead of being housed in a cabinet, losing hope of ever being used. I see it every week, almost everyday, and It has 9 items on it at the moment. I thought Id list them here, and its actually a great way for me to exercise by blogging muscles. The plate often shifts in this large drawer, and so the items placed upon it always change. Yes it experiences the Seasons of plate life! LOL

1. A 1967 Dime
2. A very small red rubber band,
3. A white Lego Piece i found wedged in the closet track of this room.
4. A small brown pebble, who sadly has no personality.
5. A Pulsar watch, silver stretch band with a white face and black hours.
6. A B-D Alcohol swab isopropyl alchohol 70% by volume! EXTERNAL USE ONLY
7. A Gold pin, shaped like a heart but enameled with the Flag of the United States of America. Its Made in the USA, 2001 from Avon.
8. A large black metal plant hook that has some sheetrock remnants on it.
9. 4 Seeds, from a Wisteria pod. These make me laugh because the vine on which i got them from, was so large and fragrant, growing over a trellis in Sarah's backyard! I had full plans to go for a cutting in the fall and propograte it, but I never did, That was in 2005, oddly i still have these seeds, which will prolly never germinate, and even if, will take over 7 years to reach a blooming age. The seeds are very dense and hard, striated artistically, and smooth to the touch, about the size of small baby lima, but brown like chocolate. I think i just like them!

Now there are actually 12 items on the plate, and Ive already listed the 4 seeds as "1 item". Perhaps they should each be original seeds of their own? Hmmm. By no means would i want any of the seeds to suffer from an identity crisis. They are all different sized, and have their own unique waves and bends. But I love them all the same, and they will be counted as 1 item!! There is no crying in "Things on your Plate" blogging... You just wait until the moment it finally ends.

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