Thursday, June 11, 2009

Prepare to turn Left.... Turn Left Now!!??

It came to me... oh my Lord , It came to me. At 3:14 am early on a Thurs morning... I give a b it of credit to Jimmy Fallon, Yes Jimmy Fallon. He made me smile that one smile... we all know the one. The genuine one. Jimmy!!

Maybe i should thank Jimmy's writers, although im sure the delivery of such witty comments, are aced by Fallon and Fallon alone. Its the messenger on this one, for sure!
How i wish i could be in a comedy writers' planning room or whatever they call that place. I liken it to a small conference room, but with all the immenities of a 5 star Penthouse Suite! Full of inspiration, and so many "un used" ideas. I want to be the un-used Idea person. I mean just throw me the scraps, and ill turn it around and make it funny, if just for me... HA. Ill be the collector of thrown away crumpled up paper-wads and post it notes, in the name of pure enjoyment.
You see i should of been a writer. More than likely, had i stayed in college, some nit picky editor would see through all the grammatical errors and redundant parts of my paragraphical creation and say... Hey i need her to write for me....

Fallon,,,, the Dave Matthews GPS... This is why i love Fallon. Its the conviction in his facial expression and lets face it talent! After all he is playing that pretty acoustic himself! But for this skit, i have to be one of those Anti GPS people. I often considered doing those geo cache adventures, using a handheld. But i think there is an error in human invention, well more than one error, but one of them is people using GPS, to find a place in the country, in which they live. Dont you want to see the map and just drive there based on the image from that map? I never want some computer voice telling me to turn here, and turn there, unless im playing a good video game. I want to study the map once, and hope i dont have to refer to it again!

Im suppose to say something about today, arent I? Isnt that what you bloggers do? Well lets go backwards. Earlier this evening, i went to a Valero station. They always lock one door after midnight. Me and the guy in front of me, walked up to the blocked door, and then we cursed the door, for being locked althought it was clearly marked with a barrier. We both walked around to the other door, and i said "At least im not the only one!" Before the Valero trip, i worked on a video idea. The character was a librarian from somewhere in Washington. Yes I taped it and working on it. Before that I watered the garden, after sunset of course, due to the Heat here. Unusual Heat for June in Texas. A Texas garden counts on that cool period before July! I also stuck my feet in a bucket of cold water on the back porch. I could write a whole 1000 word vlog just about the bucket of water and the back porch!! Ok before Garden i took the niece to Petsmart. I needed Betta Hikari Food, and she just came along for the ride. Kittens? Yes, and groomed dogs... Yes. Weird crap for cats and birds? Yeah.. I spent 2.69 and got out of there!!!

It was a day indeed.

My first blog here at blogspot and I purposely avoided writing in the style of, dreamy and philosophical "what ifs", which is where my inner writer gravitates toward. Who knows if ill be back. Ill be watching Fallon tomorrow night and maybe ill get the guts to let more letters come together, to form words that will construct a blog. And of course, choose a photo, something i always have alot of!! I called her CoCo, and i made her on Padre Island, near Big Shell, about 20 miles past the 4wd Only Sign!! I didnt even use a map! :D

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