Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bike Basket Pad and Pouch

I stitched my way to a nice padded lining for my Large Wald Bike Basket. The Trinity Stitch adds a bit of thickness to the liner. It's a great lift-off basket that fits either of my bicycles (cruiser or mtb) and is large enough without obstructing my view. A perfect size for one paper or green grocery bag trip up to Central Market HEB. (it doesn't like plastic bags!! ) The Pouch will hold a small camera or cell phone, or in some cases, candy. Delicious Candy :P The Lift-Off Wald Bike Basket can be purchased from  using his ebay auctions was fast for me! He also makes informative videos about his products which is a big plus for me!

Basket Pad - Liner is crocheted entirely in the trinity stitch. 
I used a ch 40, with 6.5mm , then switched to a 5.5mm for the remainder of project (keeps it from looking short on one side) This was a sturdier acrylic yarn. Use the trinity stitch for all rows. I add 4 double strands underneath the pad at mid corners and attached to bottom of basket. Edging would be a nice touch, but this gives you bottom protection and the full carry capacity. I hope you can read and achieve my pattern explanation attempt below.

Trinity Stitch: (multiples of 2)
Make desired chain. 
1)  sc in 2nd ch. Insert hook into same sc, and into each of the next 2 ch. pull yarn through all loops.
*ch 1  (trinity stitch) insert hook into the same stitch and into each of the next 2 ch. pull through all loops. Continue* across to the last stitch chain. sc in the same chain as the last stitch. Turn

2) ch 1, sc in next stitch. Insert hook into same sc, and into each of the next 2 ch (the tip of the last trinity stitch and into the loop created by last chain space.) pull through all loops.  *ch1, continue * with trinity stitch across to last stitch chain. Sc into the same chain as the last trinity stitch. Turn.

Repeat Row 2 until you achieve the length/width you would like. 

Pouch: starts with a oval sc base of ch 10 or so, cont sc around oval, for about 6 rows. 
Trinity Stitch in the round (turning after each row) for 4 rows. no pattern here, just free hand as stated. Finish with rows of Sc to height for about 4 or 5 rows.  Add 2 straps of 3sc width and add buttons! :D

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ugly Doll Month - Señor Caliente

Señor Caliente the Pepper - Doll #3
 A purple hot pepper does exist in nature. The purple "capsicum annuum." But this one exists because of my lack of green and red scraps. There are many crocheted Hot Peppers out there, mostly red and some with sombreros.  Señor Caliente Prefers his unique color and natural stemmed head. The stem was freehand single crochet, ending with some small bobble stitches along the crooked edge. His lidded eyes are a bit Oscar the Grouch style. My thought, if not for scrap shortage, was to make a "Salsa Trio" - including Señor Caliente the Pepper, Tito the Tomato, and Orlando the Onion. So Señor Caliente stands alone and proud. He is still crispy and perfect to slice up for some authentic Picadillo tacos. :D 

Hola! Me Llamo Señor Caliente

 Color, wasn't his strong suit. The heat of his latino personality really defined Señor Caliente. Preferring to sit along the veranda and listen to far away accordian and acoustic guitars, he knew someday he would be a spicy dish of composition himself, so he lived a happy daily life, though he dreamed of being a heroic bandit. Then one day whilst soaking up the sun and sipping Margaritas with his green Compadres, the shadow of a big cutting board came into his vision. There was no need to squirm, he accepted it bravely. It was his time. The time for Caliente to show his true flavor. Reciting the famous last words of Pancho Villa, he murmured... "Dont let it end like this. Tell them i said something."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ugly Doll Month - Tootie "Two-Lips" Johnson

"Tootie Two-Lips Johnson" Doll #2

Another Tuesday, another creepy little doll. Freehand using ovals rounds,, basic single crochet arms, square shaped (a little overstuffed) legs and curly antenna hair/head features. The center oval with the blue stripe, is her "console", or a place for inserting her card media. I laugh because the feedback I initially received from RL friends, was that the console looked somewhat sexual. Then all the bad jokes started like.... "Everyone needs a lil Johnson in Two-Lips" lmao and "I bet that Johnson would fit in her slot", and so on. I bite my blogger finger here and resist saying all the other sexually related quips. They were hilarious and caused a snorting laugh episode. I'll still maintain that It's her "console", because she is a bit robotical, yet has a Rotund body. I think it may be her short legs. They don't allow her to walk easily, or ride her bike often enough!

"Tootie Two-Lips Johnson"
Latent technology did not stop Tootie Two-Lips from carrying out her basic functions. C:\DISKCOPY She could still process SD cards and mini diskettes as required by her employers. Her console was dusty but operative. Preferring hearty meat stew and plum jams, over keeping her processors clean, caused some blockage in her system variables. Yes, Tootie was a bit rotund, but her spirit was as free as government cheese and her lips as sweet as 8gig of RAM.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ugly Doll Month - Messy Mel the Grimacer

Something about my scraps, and boredom, inspired me to make a few freaky ugly dolls this month. The first was completed a few days ago.

"Messy Mel the Grimacer" Doll #1
I did not write out the pattern here. Home spun Yarn for body and hair. It is a simple tube shape, continuous dc. Using Curly q's for the mouth, pom pom for nose and some Nubbie rounds, buttons for the eyes. The homespun yarn gave him a curly hair look. I debated teasing the hair. Took off a string bow and added a smart lil stove pipe style hat! I hope the next doll can measure up to Mel, whose personality I took a shine to. (For Doll #2 : Working on a rotund, but somewhat robotic, version of a female doll.)

"Messy Mel the Grimacer"
Mel was a man about town. The unkempt style was something he wore well while pedaling the city streets, artfully selling umbrellas and the occasional shoeshine. His lack of limbs did not thwart his enthusiasm. His grumpy disposition came from the hurtful comments and bullying, by those with greater ambulatory means.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Zesty Baked Tilapia

Zesty Baked Tilapia
by Cooksterz

I rarely write out my recipes, because i do not measure. This was an impromptu, "whats in the fridge" recipe and the combination was too good not to share! Using a medium spice kick here.

5- 6 Tilapia Filets - or alternate white fish
Carrots, Celery ( can use zucchini or broccoli as well!)
1/2 Onion
2 cloves Garlic
Lime Basil ( fresh - can use dry or substitute, but my fresh lime basil is great with this Fish)
Lemon Pepper
Thai Rooster Chili Sauce - or Chili Oil (alternative: jalapeno or serrano)
Tartar Sauce ( this is not for garnish, its for tang in the sauce)
1/4 cup Half and Half ( or milk alternative)
1/2 cup Water
Butter - Olive Oil
(Tomatoes optional for sauce)
Lemons (orange or lime will do too)

Clean prepare Fish, Slice Carrots, lengthwise in quarters. Dice onion, garlic , celery and fresh basil. Slices of half a lemon.

Place Fish in Bowl, season with peppers, salt, basil, 2 tsp olive oil, rooster chili sauce, or hot thai chili oil to taste, and squeeze remaining half of lemon. Place fish filets in a baking dish, lined with foil. Let sit 10 min while you saute veggies.

In a saucepan, heat 2 tablespoons butter. Add Onions, Garlic, Basil and carrots. Season if desire, and saute for 10 min or so. Till carrots become only a bit soft. Place saute mix on top of fish filets in baking dish.
In the same saute pan, reserve a few onion , garlic, add tbsp butter, 1/4 cup tartar sauce, lemon, pepper and about 1/4 cup half and half and water. If you like spicy you can add more chili sauce here, or add fresh jalapenos or serranos. I also like to add a bit of sea salt or tomatoes to the final sauce, for color. Heat on med high, stirring constantly, till sauce thickens briefly. Pour sauce on top of fish and vegetables. Topped with Slice Lemons or Oranges. Bake Covered at 375-400 for 20 min. Remove foil cover, bake for 5 min longer for a golden brown color. Garnish with more basil if desired.
Serve with Baked Potatoes, Rice or a Salad, for a Tasty, Spicy Tender, delicious Fish!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I Am Not Linking

It's one of those days, where everything around me seems to be in 5th gear above 75mph. My brain wants to ingest every detail. My soul wants to look at the trees, dig in the dirt with my dogs and listen to the birds.
(photograph link should be here)

9 tabs, and 2 programs later I'm all up to date, and would prefer to cruise this day's dirty streets, at about 15 mph in the shade. (video link should be here)

I would like to thank Twitter and Google+ for fueling the race of this day. 'Talk Nerdy and Linky to me!' I could post 5 interesting links, and offer you information that you can Google easily. Add me over there as Cooksterz (I should link my website here, but if you are reading this you already know it)

Important Parts? : Sure there are! I have air conditioning, and i just found out if i get on my bike in the living room i can ride it to the laundry room, without hitting my handlebars on anything. I just slurped my coffee and wondered about the color of yarn I'm using to craft this shawl. (I am not linking patterns or audio files here)

I am not Linking things. But I will always add a Photo. The Moss Rose Plate in 2011 (See old blog about the plate - I am not linking it!)