Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wire Around

Ever get a day ready, filled with lists and plans, and set out to finish it all before days end?
I just couldnt get it done today. So many excuses and still i sit, wondering why i just couldnt get these things done today. Im blaming cold rain and traffic.
I think i just wrote this blog in order to avoid going out in the rain and picking up some things on the list. Sometimes my wiring gets all caddy-whompus.

Is anyone else just sickened by that Secty Gibbs. He is just just a ego-maniac. When he sees a group of reporters, im sure he checks himself in the mirror and imagines what he could say, to incite some giggles. That guy is on my short list of total dicks in government, that are ineffective. There are total dicks in government that make progress, and use the "dickishness" for the greater good. Gibbs needs a public de-pantsing in a bad way. Hes begging for interview and tv time, isnt he? Then there are the Governor candidates in Texas. No to Medina, after her latest statements, she lost my vote. Wow look at me voicing political opinion. Ill stop now and offer a list.

1) There could be a magic package waiting at the Post Office. I go to there now.
2) Magic medicines await me at HEB pharmacy. I go to there now.
3) Hulu - Hilarious series called Super News. Youve got to see the one called "I dont want to go Bowling" It ridicules Facebook and Twitter people. I loathe those 2 sites, so i was thoroughly entertained. Check it out at : I love the Computer Questions from your Dad segment!! Laugh out Loud Funny.
4) Pick a photo to post here.. Ok OK, im photoshopping them im Out in the Rain... Give myself 1.5 hours to complete said Errands. How about a barrel with wire. Yes youll love its inspiring feel. LOL


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