Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Number 7

The Number 7 Re-Occurs

I don’t know its significance or what message it is meant to convey. A set of non-blinking brown shadowy eyes and the number 7. Often there is a sweep of silence right after the number presents its self. A silent moment where for three or more seconds I don’t think about the number 7. A slight euphoria? It’s almost a search of emotion in that few seconds because I try my hardest to feel what or where or who is presenting this number to me. I see nothing… Then it starts over again. Seven, 7, XII, just 7… It drips like slow molasses and stays inside my brain for a good number of days after its recurring arrival.

I’m not much of a numerologist. I really haven’t delved into any sort of historic, prophetic, or psychic explanation of this ever occurring number 7. Although looking at the Wikipedia entry on that number along with random Google searches which yield lots of biblical and historical references to consider; I know this is not relevant to my number 7. Yes mine. All I can explain is that it and its aura remains dense for many days after its unexpected arrival. It doesn’t let me forget. It’s almost playful in its occasional, reoccurring visits But, the receiver or giver or initiator is always just out of my reach. I smile at it and look back to see who tossed it but, once again, no one is there. It is charmingly familiar and it lingers for days. But, there is someone or something there that tossed this elusive number 7 toward me. Despite the lack of physical knowledge I fully expect it to be tossed to me again but I can’t predict where or when or why. To my best recollection that number has periodically shadowed me over eight to ten years. Making itself known more and more often. That is the best I can explain it. It feels like there is love or goodness attached with it yet, there is an unfamiliarity that continues with the arrival and ensuing association. This is engaging and somewhat mysterious. In several of my art forms I am required to count a stitch or a shot or a step. In repetitive work I often pause mentally on the number 7 as well. Just because I recognize that it is mysteriously saying something to me or for me or just near me, but mostly making sure that I have once again noticed its presence.

It's not my lucky number. I don’t play the lottery or gamble often. But, a few times I have bet on the number 7. Once in Vegas I played it in Roulette several times knowing it wouldn’t hit. I just wondered if some sort of event would occur due to repetitive betting. Yet, these have availed no winnings and no event has occurred to justify these occurrences of the elusive number 7; Which, to date, continues to remains permanently just out of my reach and understanding. Fuck it, I never liked Vegas much anyway.

The number 7. Are you thinking it? Did you see the A in my hand too? Was there 7 of something that I missed. Who are you Number 7? Will I know you or even dare to? I say, I have know you? Can I email you Number 7? Does it have a Twitter, maybe a cell phone?
(I tried not to be sarcastic right up until this moment.)


Disclosure: No I’m not criminally insane and have never had any mental disease or been labeled obsessive or neurotic or even psychotic. I’m not an addict nor do I claim to have any sort of supernatural gift or anything of the like. I just felt that after ten years; I should publicize my thoughts on the appearance of this elusive Number 7. Perhaps I am not meant to know. albeit, I still want to know. It won't let me forget. Perhaps I’m losing my mind? This was written on the last day of the Seventh Month , in the year 2010

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