Friday, July 22, 2011

I Am Not Linking

It's one of those days, where everything around me seems to be in 5th gear above 75mph. My brain wants to ingest every detail. My soul wants to look at the trees, dig in the dirt with my dogs and listen to the birds.
(photograph link should be here)

9 tabs, and 2 programs later I'm all up to date, and would prefer to cruise this day's dirty streets, at about 15 mph in the shade. (video link should be here)

I would like to thank Twitter and Google+ for fueling the race of this day. 'Talk Nerdy and Linky to me!' I could post 5 interesting links, and offer you information that you can Google easily. Add me over there as Cooksterz (I should link my website here, but if you are reading this you already know it)

Important Parts? : Sure there are! I have air conditioning, and i just found out if i get on my bike in the living room i can ride it to the laundry room, without hitting my handlebars on anything. I just slurped my coffee and wondered about the color of yarn I'm using to craft this shawl. (I am not linking patterns or audio files here)

I am not Linking things. But I will always add a Photo. The Moss Rose Plate in 2011 (See old blog about the plate - I am not linking it!)

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