Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bike Basket Pad and Pouch

I stitched my way to a nice padded lining for my Large Wald Bike Basket. The Trinity Stitch adds a bit of thickness to the liner. It's a great lift-off basket that fits either of my bicycles (cruiser or mtb) and is large enough without obstructing my view. A perfect size for one paper or green grocery bag trip up to Central Market HEB. (it doesn't like plastic bags!! ) The Pouch will hold a small camera or cell phone, or in some cases, candy. Delicious Candy :P The Lift-Off Wald Bike Basket can be purchased from  using his ebay auctions was fast for me! He also makes informative videos about his products which is a big plus for me!

Basket Pad - Liner is crocheted entirely in the trinity stitch. 
I used a ch 40, with 6.5mm , then switched to a 5.5mm for the remainder of project (keeps it from looking short on one side) This was a sturdier acrylic yarn. Use the trinity stitch for all rows. I add 4 double strands underneath the pad at mid corners and attached to bottom of basket. Edging would be a nice touch, but this gives you bottom protection and the full carry capacity. I hope you can read and achieve my pattern explanation attempt below.

Trinity Stitch: (multiples of 2)
Make desired chain. 
1)  sc in 2nd ch. Insert hook into same sc, and into each of the next 2 ch. pull yarn through all loops.
*ch 1  (trinity stitch) insert hook into the same stitch and into each of the next 2 ch. pull through all loops. Continue* across to the last stitch chain. sc in the same chain as the last stitch. Turn

2) ch 1, sc in next stitch. Insert hook into same sc, and into each of the next 2 ch (the tip of the last trinity stitch and into the loop created by last chain space.) pull through all loops.  *ch1, continue * with trinity stitch across to last stitch chain. Sc into the same chain as the last trinity stitch. Turn.

Repeat Row 2 until you achieve the length/width you would like. 

Pouch: starts with a oval sc base of ch 10 or so, cont sc around oval, for about 6 rows. 
Trinity Stitch in the round (turning after each row) for 4 rows. no pattern here, just free hand as stated. Finish with rows of Sc to height for about 4 or 5 rows.  Add 2 straps of 3sc width and add buttons! :D

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