Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ugly Doll Month - Señor Caliente

Señor Caliente the Pepper - Doll #3
 A purple hot pepper does exist in nature. The purple "capsicum annuum." But this one exists because of my lack of green and red scraps. There are many crocheted Hot Peppers out there, mostly red and some with sombreros.  Señor Caliente Prefers his unique color and natural stemmed head. The stem was freehand single crochet, ending with some small bobble stitches along the crooked edge. His lidded eyes are a bit Oscar the Grouch style. My thought, if not for scrap shortage, was to make a "Salsa Trio" - including Señor Caliente the Pepper, Tito the Tomato, and Orlando the Onion. So Señor Caliente stands alone and proud. He is still crispy and perfect to slice up for some authentic Picadillo tacos. :D 

Hola! Me Llamo Señor Caliente

 Color, wasn't his strong suit. The heat of his latino personality really defined Señor Caliente. Preferring to sit along the veranda and listen to far away accordian and acoustic guitars, he knew someday he would be a spicy dish of composition himself, so he lived a happy daily life, though he dreamed of being a heroic bandit. Then one day whilst soaking up the sun and sipping Margaritas with his green Compadres, the shadow of a big cutting board came into his vision. There was no need to squirm, he accepted it bravely. It was his time. The time for Caliente to show his true flavor. Reciting the famous last words of Pancho Villa, he murmured... "Dont let it end like this. Tell them i said something."

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