Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ugly Doll Month - Tootie "Two-Lips" Johnson

"Tootie Two-Lips Johnson" Doll #2

Another Tuesday, another creepy little doll. Freehand using ovals rounds,, basic single crochet arms, square shaped (a little overstuffed) legs and curly antenna hair/head features. The center oval with the blue stripe, is her "console", or a place for inserting her card media. I laugh because the feedback I initially received from RL friends, was that the console looked somewhat sexual. Then all the bad jokes started like.... "Everyone needs a lil Johnson in Two-Lips" lmao and "I bet that Johnson would fit in her slot", and so on. I bite my blogger finger here and resist saying all the other sexually related quips. They were hilarious and caused a snorting laugh episode. I'll still maintain that It's her "console", because she is a bit robotical, yet has a Rotund body. I think it may be her short legs. They don't allow her to walk easily, or ride her bike often enough!

"Tootie Two-Lips Johnson"
Latent technology did not stop Tootie Two-Lips from carrying out her basic functions. C:\DISKCOPY She could still process SD cards and mini diskettes as required by her employers. Her console was dusty but operative. Preferring hearty meat stew and plum jams, over keeping her processors clean, caused some blockage in her system variables. Yes, Tootie was a bit rotund, but her spirit was as free as government cheese and her lips as sweet as 8gig of RAM.

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