Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ugly Doll Month - Messy Mel the Grimacer

Something about my scraps, and boredom, inspired me to make a few freaky ugly dolls this month. The first was completed a few days ago.

"Messy Mel the Grimacer" Doll #1
I did not write out the pattern here. Home spun Yarn for body and hair. It is a simple tube shape, continuous dc. Using Curly q's for the mouth, pom pom for nose and some Nubbie rounds, buttons for the eyes. The homespun yarn gave him a curly hair look. I debated teasing the hair. Took off a string bow and added a smart lil stove pipe style hat! I hope the next doll can measure up to Mel, whose personality I took a shine to. (For Doll #2 : Working on a rotund, but somewhat robotic, version of a female doll.)

"Messy Mel the Grimacer"
Mel was a man about town. The unkempt style was something he wore well while pedaling the city streets, artfully selling umbrellas and the occasional shoeshine. His lack of limbs did not thwart his enthusiasm. His grumpy disposition came from the hurtful comments and bullying, by those with greater ambulatory means.

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